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This page was created in response to frequent requests for up to date research, facts, knowledge and tools and will be updated on a regular basis with important new research and resources that are relevant to the sexual abuse of males and also  for working with males in general.

Links to other useful sites will also be provided, as well as recommendations and reviews of books and other resources. If you have any feedback on this page or any aspect of this site, or have research and resources to share, please contact our office.

First Step Cambodia also has a comprehensive collection of books and research documents in our library and resource center. Membership and borrowing of documents is free, so please drop into the office to join!


Improving Policy and Practice Responses for men sexually abused in childhood. (2012)

Practitioners working in the fields of health and welfare often find it difficult to engage men in services, and this is especially difficult when working with male survivors of sexual abuse.

First Step Cambodia is always keen to highlight new and innovative ways for professionals and other supporters to develop their services to effectively and sensitively meet the needs of men. This article, written by Gary Foster (Living Well), Cameron Boyd and Patrick O’Leary makes a valuable contribution to the growing specialist knowledge in this area. Whilst based on the Australian experience, there are clearly valuable lessons to be learned that may be applicable in other settings.

Abstract and link to the article: A significant number of men in Australia are victim/survivors of child sexual abuse. While a growing number of services offer therapeutic support and counselling for men, the issue of men’s sexual victimisation has not become a public policy issue. It is suggested that conceptualising and responding to male sexual victimisation as a public health issue, will help to improve community responses to men and their families.


Sexual Abuse of Boys & Men - Global Research

 The problem of Male Rape, Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking makes the headlines:

In recent weeks there appears to be growing interest in the issue of the sexual abuse of boys and men in the media. We at First Step are committed to raising and sharing new research and accurate information about the problems men and boys face locally and globally, and have therefore placed links to the following articles for you to download.

An artcle written by Will Storr of the Observer newspaper in the UK called 'The Rape of Men' highlighted the rape and abuse of men in war torn countries in Africa and the struggles victims face when seeking services and support.

Will Storr and others were then involved in a short program on the Al Jazeera News Channel - and features contributions from researchers, practitioners and UN representatives.

An academic piece written by Samuel Vincent Jones, Associate Professor of Law at The John Marshall Law School, Chicago, Illinois - called 'The Invisible Man' highlights the problem of human trafficking and abuse involving men and boys, and how society tends to ignore these issues.


Male Rape and Human Rights by Lara Stemple (UCLA School of Law):


The Sexual Violence Research Initiative has recently published a briefing paper related to the care and support of male survivors of sexual violence in post conflict situations. Alastair Hilton (The First Step Cambodia Technical Advisor) is one of the contributing authors.


UNHCR in partnership with Ugandan NGO the Refugee Law Center (RLC) recently produced a useful guide for practitioners related to working with men and boys in relation to gender based violence in situations of conflict. The RLC have worked for some time with people displaced by conflict in the Great Lakes region of Africa and are at the forefront of efforts in the region to develop services for males. Just 20 pages and provides some extremely useful information about positive responses and ways of supporting males affected by sexual abuse and violence.


BBC World Service highlight issue of sexual violence in conflict settings:

Guardian and BBC journalist Will Storr, recently produced the following short documentaries that were broadcast on the World Service. They highlight the issue of sexual violence against men and women within conflict zones, focusing on the Democratic Republic of Congo, where forty five thousand people still die every month as a result of disease, famine and ongoing conflict. It also features the work of the Refugee Law Center in Kampla, Uganda and their pioneering work with male victims of rape. Essential listening.




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