Our Partners

Our approach to partnership and networking remains the key to our effective
and efficient service delivery.

We work with over 100 local NGOs. They have free access to our prevention workshops and training curricula. Creating these partnerships has led to interesting joint projects and improved reporting mechanisms in these organizations and the communities they serve, resulting in an increasing number of referrals to our Social Workers.


First Step Cambodia is an active member of important local and international networks such as Family Care First, Family for Every Child, the Child Protection and Disability Network, the Big Five network, the Social Work Network, the Violence Against Children Working Group and the Disability Network. On a government level, FSC has a strong and productive collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs (MoSVY) and works closely with local authorities and several key subnational and national departments: the Department of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation, the Commune Committees for Women and Children, the Department of Women Affairs, the Provincial Committee for Counter Trafficking, and the Women and Children Consultative Committee.


(24/7 and free of charge)

☛ Call

Need to talk?

If you are under 18 years old and need to talk to someone, or just have someone to listen, you can call Child Helpline in full confidentiality.

☛ Or call at any time to:

092 311 511

If a child is in immediate danger, report to police directly or the authority nearest to you.  

Report suspicion of abuse

Any concerns or suspicion about child sexual abuse?

Contact our partner APLE for first response:

☛ Fill in an online report

☛ Consult our available training courses

☛ Consult our available workshops

Become our partner:

☛ Access to our training curriculum

☛ Improved collaboration & reporting mechanisms

Visit our partner page to learn more.

For NGOs and Professionals

Interested in our opportunities?

Disclaimer: To our knowledge, none of the photographs used on this site are of children who have been victims of abuse or exploitation.

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