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Volunteering Opportunities

Who We Are

First Step Cambodia works with skilled social workers and trainers, to provide counseling and social work services to child survivors of sexual abuse, conduct prevention workshops to both children and adults, and to build the capacity of service providers who work directly with children in Cambodia.

We welcome experienced professionals who are willing to dedicate their time and expertise to help our teams improve their service delivery, to increase the visibility of our work, and to help our organisation improve.


Volunteering Opportunities

2. Improving our Social Work Practice

o What: taking a look at our case management system, social work approach and practices; sharing new/alternative social work theories and practices with our staff; etc.

o Who: social work specialists

o Duration: minimum 3 months, with an exception for assignments that are limited to the provision of a training to our staff

o Location: on-site (Phnom Penh and Siem Reap)

2. Improving or Developing our Training Curricula

o What: help develop new training curricula, revise and improve our current curricula, develop full guidelines in English

o Who: someone with expertise in social work and experience in developing training curricula; or someone with expertise in a specific social work domain (to revise and improve the training content)

o Duration: from 2 days (providing a training to our staff) over 2 weeks (revising/developing a training) up to 3 months (extensive collaboration in creating new training curricula, revision of training curricula, and/or the development of guidelines)

o Location: on-site (Phnom Penh and Siem Reap)

3. Communications

o What: (a) help manage social media by creating content (posts and photography) in English and Khmer; (b) create articles and blog items to help raise awareness online and in the press (Khmer and/or English);

o Who: students, journalists and other volunteers with experience in video production, photography and story writing

o Duration: minimum 3 months

o Location: on-site (Phnom Penh)

4. Fundraising

o What: organize fundraising events online and offline; help raise funds via individual donations; search for companies and foundations with whom FSC is eligible to apply for funding; etc.

o Who: anyone who supports our mission and work in Cambodia

o Duration: minimum 3 months

o Location: can be on-site and remote


Contact Information

Interested in joining our team? Send your CV and motivation letter to Mention "Volunteering Request" in the subject line of your email.

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