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Working in partnership

No child should be exposed to violence or abuse or neglect. Children and families affected by sexual abuse face a multitude of challenges to overcome their experiences, to establish a safe and healthy environment and to have access to the services they need. Limited access to a social welfare system and various forms of poverty result in complex case management to ensure both children and their families can deal with the many challenges they face.

Without strong partnerships, it can become very challenging for any Cambodian NGO to cover all the needs and to maximize a child's chances to heal.


First Step Cambodia believes strongly in working together and sharing our resources. We wish to work in partnership with all local and international NGOs in Cambodia, combining our strengths and services to support vulnerable children.

Social Work Network Meeting 2019

Social Work Network Meeting - July 2019

Partnering with us

Partners work with us in varying degrees. We welcome any national and international NGO that operates in Cambodia.

​Every partner has access to the following services:

  • Prevention workshops for the NGO's staff, children, families and target communities (learn more)


  • Informational and educational resources such as booklets, research papers, leaflets and tools (learn more)

  • FSC's capacity building training and events​ (learn more)

  • Advice and assistance in assessing potential cases of abuse

  • Establishment of an efficient referral system

What we aim to achieve through our collaboration:

  • Establishment of an efficient referral system

  • Coordinated response and sharing of resources (such as access to education) to meet the needs of the clients

  • Application/implementation of strong child protection policies

  • A relationship of mutual trust that allows for sharing success and failure for learning purposes

With our closest partners, we facilitate regular case conference meetings to discuss individual cases and coordinate optimal response to their needs, develop joint projects to address service gaps and develop training curricula and tools to meet the needs of professionals.

Contact us now for more information.

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