The First Step Cambodia team - staff

Meet the Team

Operating from our Siem Reap and Phnom Penh offices, the FSC team is a family of dedicated professionals; with twelve Social Workers out in the community and three Trainers delivering our programs on a daily basis.


Our Management Team

The organization is under the guidance of the management team: the Executive Director, the Program Manager, the Development Manager, and the Admin and Finance Manager.


Our Board

Our work is overseen by an external governing board.


Our Donors

We thank all our achievements to a strong group of donors who have been very supportive to our cause.

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Our Partners

Our approach to partnership and networking remains the key to our effective and efficient service delivery

Maintaining, improving and increasing partnerships and networks is an approach that has proven to be key to effective and efficient service delivery.


First Step works in partnership with over a hundred local NGOs. Case conferences among partners allows us to discuss individual cases and determine how we can provide catered support for each child. Partners help us in the provision of specific services that respond to the child's needs (specific health care services, for example). Our partners have free access to our prevention workshops and training curricula. By building their staff's capacity in identifying and responding to potential cases of abuse, and working to improve reporting mechanisms,  we have seen a steady increase in the number of referrals to our Social Workers.


We are a key member of important local and international networks. Through these networks we are able to share best practices and resources, whilst developing joint projects. First Step shares its expertise on child protection, social work and child sexual abuse. We advocate for boys in the members' current and future programs. We are currently an active member of Family Care First, Family for Every Child, the Child Protection and Disability Network, the Big Five Network, the Social Work Network, the Violence Against Children Working Group and the Disability Network.

First Step recognizes the key role of the government in developing and providing social services to children, families and communities. We fully support and operate in close collaboration with the government at all levels. First Step has a strong and productive collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs (MoSVY) and works closely with local authorities in the communities and with sub-national and national departments such as the Child Welfare Department, the Departments of Social Affairs (DoSVY), the Commune Committees for Women and Children, the Departments of Women Affairs, the Provincial Committee for Counter Trafficking, and the Women and Children Consultative Committee.


Our History

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