Meet the Team

Operating from our Siem Reap and Phnom Penh offices, the FSC team is a family of dedicated professionals; with twelve Social Workers out in the community and three Trainers delivering our programs on a daily basis.


Our Management Team

The organization is under the guidance of the management team: the Executive Director, the Program Manager, the Development Manager, and the Admin and Finance Manager.

  • Executive Director

    Chamreun Yaim

    Chamreun Yaim holds a Bachelors Degree in Human Resource Management and a Masters in Social Work. Prior to joining First Step Cambodia, Chamreun worked in the field of education, social work and mental health for organizations such as Science of Life, Social Services of Cambodia, the Trans-Cultural Psychosocial Organization and the Chab Dai Coalition. In 2009, Chamreun supported the development of a specialist-training curriculum for professionals who work with boys and young men affected by sexual abuse. The lack of knowledge and awareness of, and the poor responses to men and boys experiencing sexual violence, inspired him to co-found First Step Cambodia. Two years later, Chamreun took on the role of Executive Director and has since been guiding the organization in its professionalization, service delivery, program development and growth. Chamreun has begun numerous national and international alliances of civil society organizations working together to improve the lives of vulnerable children and families, sharing FSC’s expertise and initiating new research projects, both independent and collaborative.

  • Program Manager

    Sarath Youn

    Sarath Youn holds a Bachelor in Business Administration with a major in Project Management, and completed numerous courses related to mental health, case management, human rights, media and communication. Sarath has over ten years’ experience in developing and managing community-based programs that focus on sexual violence, gender based violence and mental health issues. Through community dialogue, radio programming, video documentation, mobile exhibitions and community training projects, he has been actively involved in raising awareness for gender related issues in Cambodia’s communities. He is also a former human rights activist and has worked alongside key ministries such as Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Ministry of Education Youth and Sport, Ministry of Interior, and Ministry of Health.

  • Development Manager

    Raphael Poutignat

    Raphaël Poutignat holds a Master degree in Economics and International Development and completed different courses in humanitarian project management and child protection. After a brief experience in the private sector in France, he moved to South America where he worked in the field of child protection in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Quito (Ecuador) in projects involving at-risk and vulnerable children and teenagers. In 2018, he started to work in Cambodia managing a youth student center in which he implemented a vocational training center with a strong focus on soft skills and traditional gender-based roles. In July 2020, he joined First Step Cambodia to work as a development manager: He is charge of fund mobilization, communication and supporting us in new project design while also contributing to the reporting and monitoring of our activities.

  • Admin & Finance Manager

    Rotana Roeun

    Rotana Roeun joined FSC in 2013 and holds a Master's in Financial Management. He manages the financial processes of the organization, including budget planning, internal controlling and financial reporting to our donors. Managing the finance & admin team, he oversees our HR and finance policies and all administrative processes. Rotana is exemplary of FSC’s commitment to the professional development of its employees. Originally joining the organization as an Admin Assistant in 2013, Rotana obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration in 2015 while moving into the positions of Assistant and Admin and Finance Officer, subsequently. During those years, he continued his studies at the Royal University of Law and Economics. Obtaining his Master's Degree in Financial Management early 2019 allowed him to take on the opportunity of becoming FSC’s new Admin and Finance Manager. His dedication to, and years of experience at, FSC make him an invaluable asset to our management team.

Our Board

Our work is overseen by an external governing board.

  • Chairman

    Yim Yaren

    Over the past 35 years, Dr. Yim has pursued an extensive career in various leadership roles in both the private and public sectors. He worked with World Vision International for more than 20 years, providing strategic leadership and managing provincial and zonal programs for the organization in Cambodia. He has worked on the improvement of services in domains such as health care, nutrition, WASH, education and child protection. Today, Dr. Yim is the Senior HR/Admin Manager at Save The Children Cambodia.

  • Treasurer

    In Sokhanha

    Ms. In has a varied background in finance, auditing and grant management, working for both international and local organizations, primarily funded by USAID and other funding agencies; such as The Red Cross and International Executive Service Corp. Ms. In is currently working for the Internal Audit Unit of PSI Cambodia, ensuring that received funding is spent in accordance with program agreements and in line with PSI’s global control and compliancy requirements.

  • Secretary

    Sam Sreyna

    Ms. Sam has a long track record of working in child protection at Hagar International Foundation. Starting as a counselor in 2005, Ms. Sam has held various management positions within the organization over the last 10 years. Today, she is a senior member of Hagar Cambodia’s Management Team and the Operations Manager for Client Care, providing leadership to three key projects in Cambodia.

  • Member

    Meas Kheang

    Mr. Meas is the Operations Director at Cambodian Center Independent Media (CCIM), where he is responsible for the Center’s administration, human resources and finance teams. Prior to joining CCIM, he has held different Finance roles with the Cambodian Center for Human Rights. As a member of the board, he supports the continuous improvement of the organization’s operations and governance.

  • Member

    Robert Common

    Robert is an International Child Protection and Welfare practitioner and Clinical Social Worker with over 17 years experience in Social Work, Psychology, Care Reform, Early Childhood Development and Alternative Care. He has extensive post graduate training and experience in child abuse and neglect. Working in Cambodia since 2016, Robert has developed a thorough understanding of the contextual and societal challenges related to child protection in Cambodia and the wider region.


Our Donors

We thank all our achievements to a strong group of donors who have been very supportive to our cause.


Our Partners

Our approach to partnership and networking remains the key to our effective and efficient service delivery

Maintaining, improving and increasing partnerships and networks is an approach that has proven to be key to effective and efficient service delivery.


First Step works in partnership with over a hundred local NGOs. Case conferences among partners allows us to discuss individual cases and determine how we can provide catered support for each child. Partners help us in the provision of specific services that respond to the child's needs (specific health care services, for example). Our partners have free access to our prevention workshops and training curricula. By building their staff's capacity in identifying and responding to potential cases of abuse, and working to improve reporting mechanisms,  we have seen a steady increase in the number of referrals to our Social Workers.


We are a key member of important local and international networks. Through these networks we are able to share best practices and resources, whilst developing joint projects. First Step shares its expertise on child protection, social work and child sexual abuse. We advocate for boys in the members' current and future programs. We are currently an active member of Family Care First, Family for Every Child, the Child Protection and Disability Network, the Big Five Network, the Social Work Network, the Violence Against Children Working Group and the Disability Network.

First Step recognizes the key role of the government in developing and providing social services to children, families and communities. We fully support and operate in close collaboration with the government at all levels. First Step has a strong and productive collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs (MoSVY) and works closely with local authorities in the communities and with sub-national and national departments such as the Child Welfare Department, the Departments of Social Affairs (DoSVY), the Commune Committees for Women and Children, the Departments of Women Affairs, the Provincial Committee for Counter Trafficking, and the Women and Children Consultative Committee.


Our History



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If you are under 18 years old and need to talk to someone, or just have someone to listen, you can call Child Helpline in full confidentiality.

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092 311 511

If a child is in immediate danger, report to police directly or the authority nearest to you.  

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Any concerns or suspicion about child sexual abuse?

Contact our partner APLE for first response:

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☛ Improved collaboration & reporting mechanisms

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Disclaimer: To our knowledge, none of the photographs used on this site are of children who have been victims of abuse or exploitation.

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