Help us raise funds

Fundraising for First Step Cambodia is an incredible way for you to share and contribute to the protection of and support to vulnerable, at risk children in Cambodia.

In order to ensure that we can respond to all reported cases of children affected by abuse, we are thankful for the kindness and dedication of the international community in supporting us.

There are many ways you can raise funds. A bake or T-shirt sale, an online crowdfunding campaign, registering us with your company for matching funds or CSR programs, participating in a run, ... the possibilities are endless. We are here to support your idea and help you with flyer designs, templates, online promotion and other promotional material that can help you on your way.

Ready to support us? Contact us to discuss and get started.

Fundraising ideas


You can contribute by selling a service, something you create or just by cleaning up your attic. 

· Create T-shirts - we can help! - and hold a sale or sell them online via Bonfire

· Have a bake sale

· Deliver 'Breakfast in Bed'

· Clean up your attic, house or garden, and hold a Yard sale

· Do a crafts or arts sale

· ....

At  work

Your employer may have a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy which supports worthy causes proposed by  its employees.

Matching Gifts: your employer might have a Matching Gifts system: register and every donation you make to us will be matched by your employer, doubling your donation.

Contact your HR department to find out how your company and colleagues can help.


Get people to donate to (y)our cause by organizing a...

· Quiz

· Party, karaoke night or Talent show

· Spaghetti feast or barbecue

Or get sponsorship for a...

· sportive competition, like running a marathon or joining a cycling event

· travel challenge

· ....


You can support any activity or idea by creating your own fundraising page and mobilize your friends to contribute. It's easy. We can give you ideas of program elements that deserve an online campaign, such as fundraising for the cost to support a child and its family for one full year. 

You can also use social media to raise funds for us. For example, you can create a birthday fundraiser on Facebook.

Most importantly, whichever fundraising idea you pick, don't forget, remember to have fun fundraising!

We can help you prepare and provide you of all marketing materials you require. Just drop us a line.


(24/7 and free of charge)

☛ Call

Need to talk?

If you are under 18 years old and need to talk to someone, or just have someone to listen, you can call Child Helpline in full confidentiality.

☛ Or call at any time to:

092 311 511

If a child is in immediate danger, report to police directly or the authority nearest to you.  

Report suspicion of abuse

Any concerns or suspicion about child sexual abuse?

Contact our partner APLE for first response:

☛ Fill in an online report

☛ Consult our available training courses

☛ Consult our available workshops

Become our partner:

☛ Access to our training curriculum

☛ Improved collaboration & reporting mechanisms

Visit our partner page to learn more.

For NGOs and Professionals

Interested in our opportunities?

Disclaimer: To our knowledge, none of the photographs used on this site are of children who have been victims of abuse or exploitation.

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