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Consultancy: Press and Media Advisor (National Consultant)

Form of Employment: Consultancy contract

Position Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Reporting to: Development Manager, First Step Cambodia

Contract Period: a maximum of 60 days (between September 2020 and January 2021). Remuneration and schedule will be discussed during the interview.

General Description of the consultancy opportunity:

First Step Cambodia (FSC) is looking for an experienced Khmer journalist (reporter/editor) or project manager with a strong interest in the field of journalism to help improve the understanding and reporting skills of media professionals on specific issues related to child abuse in Cambodia. This project is expected to be implemented over the course of 5 months (September 2020 – January 2021) at an average of 3 days per week (flexible schedule to be set with the selected candidate), for a total of maximum 60 days.

1. Organization/Introduction:

First Step Cambodia (FSC) is a Cambodian non-governmental organization established in 2010. Our primary goal is to ensure that all children are protected from sexual abuse and that all those affected by abuse are supported and enabled to reach their potential. Applying the socio-ecological model, we pursue this goal by addressing the issues on the individual, relationship, community and societal level. Today, FSC provides direct services to both boys and girls affected by abuse, while it remains the only organization in Cambodia specialized in providing support to boys and in advocating for boys – as societal norms in Cambodia see boys as invulnerable and not at risk of abuse.

2. Problem Statement:

In Cambodia, people are generally aware of (the risks of) sexual abuse for girls, are protective of girls and provide them support when abuse has happened. Harmful societal norms on masculinity (boys and men are invulnerable) continue to dominate Cambodian society: in context of child abuse it is very problematic for boys/men: seeing boys/men as invulnerable results that they are not seen as being at risk of abuse or in need of support. In reality, the prevalence of boy sexual abuse is high and even slightly higher than girls in Cambodia (UNICEF, 2013).

FSC has been at the forefront to raise awareness for these issues in Cambodia. “Boys are just as vulnerable as girls and deserve your support” can be seen as a central message in our programs. In February 2019, FSC published its newest Caring for Boys research. The press release was widely shared but only picked up by one news agency that was not able to capture the complexity of the issues. It is clear that the Cambodian media has a key role to play in improving the general public’s knowledge, opinion and attitudes. Mis- and under-representation of the issue by the press has not helped changing these harmful social norms. Well-informed journalists who understand the complex issues our society faces, can help accelerate the change and improve responses to the risks and to the victims of abuse.

3. Project Description

Aim of the project: Cambodian media and journalists recognize that boys can be victims of abuse and need support, and have an increased understanding and awareness of the issues related to boy sexual abuse and sexually harmful behavior.

Objectives: Under the supervision of FSC’s Management Team and in close coordination with other FSC staff members, the consultant will:

· Map the media landscape: identify all media outlets that have a significant sub-national and national audience in Cambodia; Identify those media’s influential people, mostly focusing on chief editors, editors, radio hosts, social media managers and key journalists who are responsible for reporting on social issues/society/children/children rights; and build a database for FSC with their relevant contact details for future use. Priority lies with Cambodian media, while international contacts are also to be explored.

· Build a network: reach out to the identified media professionals and build relationships to establish lines of communications, introducing FSC’s programs and the issues it works on, and share the upcoming workshop that is scheduled to take place at the end of the contract.

· Prepare publications: prepare for publications in Khmer and English by drafting articles, blog posts, and assist in FSC staff in writing opinion pieces.

· Assist in preparing and conducting a workshop for Cambodian media professionals on child sexual abuse:

  • Develop a press kit for distribution at the workshop, which includes a range of a newly drafted press release, articles, and opinion pieces.

  • Determine the optimal approach to ensure that: identified media professionals attend the workshop, the workshop is engaging and interesting to media professionals, the workshop maximizes awareness and also a potential audience growth, an additional external audience is reached during the workshop.

  • Support FSC staff in developing the workshop’s content, so it is best suited for the audience.

  • mobilize the media professionals from the established network to join the workshop and help launch a press release

  • co-present the workshop

4. Qualifications:

a. Education:

· Bachelor’s degree, preferably in journalism or communications or in Business / Project management.

· Education in child rights, psychology and social work-related studies is an advantage.

b. Experience:

· A minimum of 3 years professional experience in journalism in Cambodia and one year of editorial experience or at least 5 years of experience in project management.

· A proven track record of reporting, writing and editing.

· An established network among journalists, media houses and other relevant agencies is a strong advantage.

. Experience in building network.

Experience in advocacy planning, workshop design and marketing are a strong advantage.

c. Competencies:

· Excellent analytical and writing skills.

· High level of oral and written communication skills.

· Confident in networking and building relationships.

· Knowledge of child protection issues, especially related to violence against children in Cambodia is a plus.

d. Languages:

· English: Excellent /Advanced

· Khmer: mother tongue

e. Other requirements: The consultant must abide by FSC’s relevant policies.

How to apply

Deadline for applications is 11th September 2020. Shortlisted candidates may be contacted before the deadline.

Interested candidates can send their updated CV and a motivation letter, describing relevant experience to this project, to

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